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Through an ever-evolving membership model, our home WiFi system delivers consistent, sophisticated and dynamic Smart Home Services to users everywhere. It’s no longer a struggle to optimize performance with inferior mesh WiFi systems or independent WiFi booster networks that only provide a band-aid solution.

HomePass is the first smart home experience finely tuned to the demands of a blossoming IoT world; one that is filled with increasing numbers of connected devices with individual bandwidth requirements and usage patterns. The smart home of the future is one that is powered by HomePass, from Plume.

How HomePass works

Plug your first Pod into your router

Your first pod remains plugged into the router. It optimises your WiFi and helps it utilise maximum of your underlying broadband speed.

Place rest of Pods around the house

Your additional Pods extend WiFi coverage and optimise WiFi around your home.

Connect to the app and enjoy the full experience

Enjoy blind spot-free WiFi experience at home along with always-on cyber-protection, parental controls, and in-home motion sensing.

WiFi management, control, and visibility made simple

Get notified of movement in your home when you’re out
– HomePass turns existing connected devices into motion sensors via WiFi waves

Block attacks across any device in your home with advanced cyber security that is faster than your antivirus software.

Age-appropriate content filters and the ability to freeze WiFi help create and maintain healthy online habits.

Multiple devices in use at the same time? HomePass instantly improves WiFi to guarantee the best connection for every device.

Extend your home fibre experience

Plume is an Ai-driven wireless network management system. What more could you ask for?
Visit our YouTube Channel for more in-depth videos on Plume and how it can benefit your home.

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