Digital transformation has become a strategic initiative for most organisations. Many have embraced technology and innovation as a means to reshape the way they operate and do business in the modern era.

However, most companies are typically not IT experts, but provide a specific service or product as their core business. Yet they need the technology solutions to do what they do and this is where a managed services provider (MSP) can make all the difference.

In fact, using the services of an MSP gives companies the peace of mind as they don’t need to understand their IT solutions, just as long as they work. At the same time, they can also feel rest assured that an MSP will deliver top-notch services and equipment, because they are tasked with maintaining and supporting the solution. Anything less would be counterintuitive as they would spend all their time and resources fixing problems.

This is why MySky Networks is a proud Aruba Networks MSP and implements the best-of-breed technology solutions by utilising world-class technology partners and service providers. What’s more, we are currently the highest-skilled Aruba partner in the country, as well as one of only two Aruba Platinum partners in South Africa.

Global leader

As a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Aruba is considered the global leader in the provision of next-generation network access solutions and enables small and medium enterprises to access affordable wired and wireless solutions that are secure and reliable. These solutions are generally simple to set up and manage, and can be supported by limited IT resources.

Our managed services partnership with Aruba positions us to address a variety of challenges faced by SMEs and allows us to bring numerous benefits to our end user customers, especially to those that are looking to shift away from the traditional capex model.

As we know well, when enterprises are looking to implement a new solution, they typically have to face the pain of having to invest a substantial amount of money to purchase equipment, have it installed and supported.

The good news is that this is not the case with managed services, as there is no capex outlay. Instead, customers pay a monthly fee based on a contract that includes everything – the hardware, installation, support and maintenance of the entire solution.

This means that the customer has a clear view of their future costs and can budget accordingly. There are no grey areas – we simply provide a full turnkey support solution and resolve any potential issues and hardware failures that may arise.

Don’t worry about skills

Cost deduction is not the only benefit that we provide as an MSP. Customers also get the peace of mind of not having to worry about skills, which is a major concern for most smaller companies. SMEs typically lack the internal skills and capacity to manage every system and solution, so we should be seen as a customer’s IT team, as we bring the required support for Aruba’s hardware. As far as products are concerned, we support the full Aruba solution suite.

I believe that the MSP model is the way of the future. It is simply the way the world is going, not just in the IT sector but across most industries. Multiple sectors are looking for a bit of flexibility and companies are readily adopting the “monthly-fee-for-a-service” approach. While this is generally a positive move, I would caution customers to look for an MSP that has a demonstrable skills levels and competence.

As a company, MySky has a lot of experience with Aruba products and we employ highly skilled engineers. We take great pride in being very skilled in the Aruba suite and we see it as a definite advantage that we are a nimble yet niche and focused company.

When a customer puts their trust in a company to run their network, they must be able to trust that the partner is good at what they do. At MySky, we pride ourselves on having extremely close relationships with our customers, to the point where we are almost a team. For its always about ensuring that the customer is getting value for their money.

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