Why IT Managed Services?

MySky Networks partners with leading technology partners to implement best of breed IT solutions. All hardware, software and support are included in the offering for a set monthly fee and there are no once-off costs.

The IT Managed Service provides pro-active monitoring and unlimited support with tailored SLAs, and free hardware replacements. Customers also gain access to skilled and experienced engineers and a dedicated account manager.

We implement, manage, and maintain your IT infrastructure to ensure you have the best possible experience in the form of a high speed, stable and secure solution.

What can I included in the IT Managed Service


Multiple internet options and mediums are available, ranging from Business Fibre, Wireless Point to Point, Fixed LTE and more.

Network Cabling

All IT infrastructure to connect everything in the network, such as fibre and ethernet cabling, network cabinets and UPS’s.


Best of breed switches to provide a robust, high performing network backbone and connection to physical network devices.


WiFi solutions designed with heatmaps from specialised tools to maximise coverage
and speed.


Secure and reliable cloud-based VoIP solutions
with the latest phone models and features.


Creating a high performance WAN by using a mix of internet mediums, allowing for the application prioritisation and automatic failover.

Cyber Security

Comprehensive next-generation security hardware and software solutions.

CCTV Cameras

High Definition IP Cameras to provide security and monitoring with multiple models and features, such as motion detection, real-time alerts, night vision and backups.

Data Analytics

In-depth guest WiFi data analytics, people counters, guest marketing and reporting for venues such as malls, hotels, airports, large retail stores and restaurant chains.

Corporate APN

Mobile secure access to either the internet or a local network with security policies applied to keep business standards and rules.

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