MySky Networks, one of one of only two Aruba Platinum partners in South Africa, has been appointed as an Aruba Networks managed service provider (MSP).

MySky Networks CEO, Dylan Horsten, says that MySky, established in 2015, saw a gap in the market around managed services and identified Aruba as its vendor of choice for delivering networking components and access solutions.

“MySky and Aruba have always had a good relationship, as both companies compliment one another, to target market gaps. MySky has the adequate skills level to deliver Aruba solutions to the market. We feel that Aruba has the best products in the market in terms of what MySky wants to achieve,” he says.

Aruba is a subsidiary of HPE and is considered the global leader in the provision of next-generation network access solutions. The company provides Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with affordable wired and wireless connectivity solutions that are secure and reliable, simple to set up, easily managed, and can be supported by limited IT resources.

Horsten notes that the managed services partnership with Aruba will address several challenges and bring multiple benefits to end user customers that are typically looking to move away from the traditional capital expenditure (capex) model.

Typically, when companies need to implement a new solution, they have to invest a substantial amount of money to purchase equipment, have it installed and supported. That is not the case with managed services. There is no capex outlay, but rather a monthly fee based on a contract, and everything is included – the hardware, installation, support and maintenance.

“The customer clearly knows what their future costs will be and can budget for it, as there are no grey areas. We provide a full turnkey support solution and resolve any potential technical issues,” notes Horsten.

A managed services solution also alleviates the headache of skills, with most smaller companies lacking internal skills and capacity to manage every system and solution. MySky, says Horsten, should be seen as an addition to a customer’s IT team, bringing support to the components supplied from Aruba.

Under the partnership, MySky will support the full Aruba solution suite, with the local SME space providing its biggest market opportunity. Horsten explains that the company typically grows its solutions in step with the customer’s business.

“As a company, we have extensive experience with the Aruba products, and we employ highly skilled engineers. We pride ourselves on being very skilled in the Aruba suite and it’s certainly advantageous being a small, yet niche and very focused company.

“It’s one thing to sell everything and provide an average product, and quite another to focus on a few products and being really good at it. That’s what we do and businesses respect that.”

Horsten believes that the managed services business model is the way of the future, with most industry sectors adopting a “monthly-fee-for-a-service” approach. However, the skill level and competence of the MSP is crucial.

“If you put your trust in a company to run your network, you must trust that they are good at what they do. We have extremely close relationships with our customers, to the point where we are almost a team. It’s all about ensuring the customer is getting value,” Horsten says.

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